While a regular camera records three spectral channels in every pixel (red, green, and blue), hyperspectral imagers have the ability to record hundreds of spectral channels. Hyperspectral imaging is measuring a continuous reflectance spectrum in every pixel in a 2D image. As different materials have different reflectance spectra, the technique enables us to identify different materials. We are offering a range of cameras and several complete systems.

Laboratory Benchtop Systems

Complete systems configured in transmission, reflectance or combined are available including the imager, stabilized lighting, stages , computer and software

Outdoor Field System

This portable hyperspectral imaging system contains all hardware and software needed to acquire and analyze hyperspectral data. Outdoor systems can be fitted with any of Resonon’s  hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the 350 – 1700 nm spectral range.

Airborne System

Resonon’s airborne hyperspectral sensors are completely integrated turnkey solutions, with all the hardware and software necessary to acquire georegistered hyperspectral data.

Hyperspectral Cameras

Resonon’s hyperspectral cameras are line-scan (i.e. “pushbroom”) imagers that scan the visible, ultraviolet, and near-infrared spectral ranges.  They are rugged and cost-effective, have high precision, low distortion, low stray light, and excellent image quality.