All WITec microscopes are high-quality modular systems with exceptional optical throughput, unparalleled signal sensitivity and outstanding imaging capabilities.
The common thread is that all systems are based on the same hardware architecture. Whenever required it is possible to upgrade any system with additional features and equipment, allowing to keep pace with future challenges.

Our microscope product lines are:    

Confocal Raman Microscopes: alpha300 R: Raman microscope alpha300 access: basic Raman microscope alpha300 Ri: inverted Raman microscope alpha300 apyron: fully automated Raman imaging system

Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)

Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscopes (SNOM)

Correlative Microscopes: alpha300 RA: Raman – AFM imaging alpha300 RS: Raman – SNOM – AFM imaging RISE: Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron Microscopy TrueSurface Microscopy: Raman imaging and profilometry

Raman microscopes

alpha300 R – Confocal Raman Imaging

The alpha300 apyron is the top of the line Raman imaging system in WITec’s microscope series.

alpha300 apyron – fully automated

Since its first release in 2015, the alpha300 apyron has been WITec’s high-end fully-automated Raman microscope. WITec’s apyron systems are always equipped with the most recent features and developments, especially with respect to automation and user comfort.

alpha300 Ri – Inverted Confocal Raman Imaging

The alpha300 Ri turns 3D chemical characterization upside down. Its inverted beam path preserves all the functionality of WITec’s standard alpha300 confocal Raman imaging microscopes while introducing a new angle in access and handling. 

access300 – basic micro-Raman

access is a micro-Raman single-spot analysis and mapping microscope. It was specifically engineered for budget-conscious customers with high demands on instrument performance.

Modular Correlative Microscopes

The well-established Raman-AFM combination alpha300 RA was the first integrated Raman AFM system on the market and continues to set the standard for combined instrument configurations for correlative Raman-AFM microscopy. 

Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)

alpha300 A – Nanoscale Surface Characterization

The WITec Atomic Force Microscope alpha300 A is a reliable, high-quality nano-imaging system integrated with a research-grade optical microscope and provides superior optical access, easy cantilever alignment and high-resolution sample survey.

Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope (SNOM)

alpha300 S – Imaging Beyond Diffraction Limit

The alpha300 S is a user-friendly Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope (SNOM) that combines the advantages of SNOM, confocal microscopy and AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) in a single instrument.

Accessories * add-ons * options


ParticleScout can survey, classify, analyze, quantify and identify particles over large sample areas. It enables measurements from a sample overview, to targeted investigations of particles in groups defined by the user, through a precise chemical characterization of individual particles.


TrueMatch is a powerful and innovative software component for accessing and developing Raman spectral databases.It is integrated in the system software package.


Automated Absolute Laser Power is measured in the optical fiber and can be adjusted with accuracy of <0.1 mW. TruePower is the only laser power measurement system on the market to provide such an accuracy ensuring optimal laser power for the preservation of delicate samples and reproducibility in measurement conditions.

TrueSurface Microscopy

Topographic Raman Imaging means by our definition chemical analysis and profilometry in one pass. 3D chemical characterization on rough, inclined or irregularly-shaped samples can be carried out precisely along or at a set distance from a surface without requiring sample preparation. It is the true surface!

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