We serve in three languages: Finnish, Swedish & English.

Our commitment is to provide the most precise and reliable optical instruments, sensors and components available on the market.

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We offer optical components, opto-mechanics, motion systems, laser power meters, beam profilers, vibration isolation solutions and laser safety products

Optical & Laser Measurement

Industrial and Laboratory Laser Measurement

The broad offering consists of Digital Image Correlation (DIC), Laser Vibrometers, Optical Surface Profilers, Laser Sensors, Particle Image Velocimetry, Phase Doppler Anemometers and many others!


Lasers & Light sources

Our laser product range is extensive, a range of laser solutions for scientific, OEM and industrial applications. We also offer a range of broadband light sources.

Cameras and Imaging

Cameras, Imaging and Sound Scanners

The selection comprises of a range of high-speed cameras, machine vision cameras, scientific cameras including spectroscopy solutions, polarization, Terahertz, SWIR as well as hyperspectral solutions

Microscopy Systems

Microscopy Systems

The modular product line portfolio features nondestructive, nano-analytical techniques such as Confocal Raman imaging, Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy

Kimmy Services


The basic modules of our service are calibration, preventive maintenance, repair and software updates. Take advantage of our rental and training programs, feasibility studies and application support.


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