Photonics is related to modern optics like quantum optics, opto-mechanics, electro-optics, optoelectronics and quantum electronics. With the term photonics, we refer to the particle properties of light, the potential of creating signal processing device technologies using photons, the practical application of optics, and an analogy to electronics.

Applications of photonics today can be found in many areas from technology used in everyday life to the most advanced science, e.g. light detection, telecommunication, lighting, metrology, spectroscopy, holography, medical science, (surgery, vision correction, endoscopy, health monitoring), military technology, laser material processing, visual art, bio-photonics, agriculture, robotics, scientific computing and consumer devices.

Laser Beam Diagnostics

A complete range of laser power and energy sensors measuring femtowatts to hundreds of kilowatts and picojoules to hundreds of joules. Additionally a range of solutions for beam characterization for any wavelength, at any power and for any beam diameter including caustics and beam quality (M²). See also our cost-effective UV-IR Viewers and Sensor Cards

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Laser safety

The extensive portfolio of laser safety eyewear is based on coated or absorbing glasses and plastics.
Safety windows comes in many shapes and formats, smaller mineral glass windows and large area acrylic or plastic laser protection windows. Laser safety curtains, slats and barriers to shield various rooms. All is supported by
consulting and service

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Nano-Positioning and Piezo-Actuators

Nanopositioning stage, controller, and software products can be combined to create a complete solution for demanding applications. We offer stages that are flexure guided piezo actuators designed to achieve ultra high resolution, high resonant frequencies, and minimize parasitic motion.
Piezo-Actuators are principally solid-state bodies, which are deforming when being charged electrically.
See our extensive portfolio.

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Optical components

Our wide selection comprises of mirrors, beam splitters, polarizers, lenses, prisms, substrates, laser crystals, coatings, multi-element lenses and a selection of optical filters. Dedicated mid-IR components like isolators, polarizers, collimators and fiber optics are further available

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Controlling Light By Mechanical Motion Optomechanics products comprises components for the extensive field of applications that involve the manipulation of light, especially lasers. We offer a wide range of standard products including manual and motorized optical mountings and translation stages, as well as products in the fields of fiber, acoustic, and electro-optics. Mirror and Optical…

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Vibration Control

Vibration-free work surfaces for users and manufacturers of sensitive equipment including a large selection of vibration isolation workstations, benchtop platforms, optical tables & breadboards and vibration isolation mounts both active and passive solutions

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