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The illumination spectrum of lasers is usually narrower band than conventional light sources resulting in a very coherent light beam. Laser 2000 offers an extensive selection of lasers and other specialized coherent light sources. Lasers are selected based on wavelength, power, pulsed or cw operation, or any other criteria.

LED and broadband light sources are used in molecular analysis, cell research, industrial imaging, forensics, color measurement and more. Broadband IR sources, on the other hand, include thermal emitters, gas discharge lamps and infrared LEDs. Terahertz radiation penetrates many materials such as paper or plastic as well as organic tissue and is therefore suitable for applications in spectroscopy, non-destructive materials testing and security technology.

Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers DPSS

Oxxius produces advanced Monolithic DPSScontinuous-wave laser modules targeting numerous applications in bio-photonics, metrology, spectroscopy and other analytics and instrumentation applications,

Deep UV Lasers

The Photon Systems Deep UV laser product family consists of Quasi CW 248nm (NeCu) and 224nm (HeAg) models from 10 mW to 250 mW.

Gas Lasers, HeNe and Argon Ion

The Lumentums offering of air-cooled argon lasers helium-neon lasers is suitable for various applications like DNA sequencing, flow cytometry and metrology.

Laser Combiners 

The L6Cc and L4Cc laser combiner from Oxxius integrates 4 or 6 laser modules in a compact multi-wavelength laser system.

Tunable CO-/CO2 Lasers  

The PL series of continuous wave infrared CO/CO2 compact gas lasers are available as sealed on flowing gas versions.

Single Frequency Lasers 

Oxxius unique LaserBoxx DPSS Single Longitudinal Mode lasers offers up to 500 mW output power with exceptional wavelength stability – 1pm.

OPO Laser Systems

Various tunable and compact OPO lasers are available from Opotek addressing applications in photoacoustic imaging, mass and other modes of spectroscopy.

Excimer Lasers

MLase Excimer Laser MLI series are UV light sources at 193 nm or 248 nm with high pulse energies up to 16 mJ and repetition rates up to 1,000 Hz.

Deep Ultraviolet Diode Laser Module

The deep ultraviolet diode laser modules deliver 10 mW CW at 261 nm. Well suited for UV Raman spectroscopy, disinfection, UV-C fluorescence and many other tasks.

DBR Laser Diodes

Photodigm DBR lasers are based on advanced single frequency laser technology and selected for the most demanding applications in spectroscopy, atom sensors, and metrology.

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers VCSEL

VCSELs are laser diodes that emits light vertically from the chip surface. An overview of the VCSEL selection is found behind the link below.

EPL Picosecond Pulsed Diode Lasers

The EPL picosecond pulsed diode lasers are sources for fluorescence lifetime measurements. The lasers has a guaranteed output pulse width of less than 90ps.

Narrow Linewidth Stabilized Laser Diode

IPS’ single-mode wavelength stabilized lasers feature high output power with ultra-narrow spectral bandwidth and a diffraction limited output beam.

High-Power Blue Lasers

High-power 450 nm lasers for material processing in power range from 200 W to 1600 W

Machine Vision Lasers

Osela is a specialized manufacturer of laser illumination systems and structured lighting for industrial machine vision applications requiring precision laser beam shaping as well as research and development projects around the world.

FIR-/THz Lasers 40 μm to 1.22 mm 

The FIR-/THz lasers are optically pumped lasers used in applications where coherent radiation in the range of 40 μm to 1.22 mm (0.25 –7.5 THz) is required.