Piezo-Actuators are solid-state bodies, which are deforming when being charged electrically. There is no stiction or friction involved, so that the resolution of displacements is only limited by the noise of the charge-supplying electronics.


Nanopositioning is optimally done by piezo-drives in combination flexures for levers and guidance. Relative to the maximum displacements, resolutions of 5 ppm, repeatabilities of 50 ppm and linearities of 100 ppm are possible.

Piezo-Stages 1D-2D-3D, Tip-Tilt

Linear stages up to 1 mm ranges are available. Large aperture platforms, XY and XYZ stages Beam Steering and Tip/Tilt-stagebs complements the offering

Drivers (Open Loop)

If the application of a piezo-actuator can work with the hysteresis and drifts effects, just a driver supplying electrical power is needed. This mode is called “open-loop”. Select from enclosed, module or OEM variations.

Controllers (Closed Loop)

If stability, repeatability or a certain linearity is demanded, the piezo-actuator must be coupled to a position-sensor and a control loop be closed (“closed-loop” or “servo-loop”). Select channels 1 -3 and options as required.

nPoint -piezo-actuator

Flexure-guided Nanopositioning Stages

nPoint specializes in piezo-driven flexure-guided nanopositioners and motion control tools that can be used in a wide variety of environments, including ultra-high vacuum and military-spec.

Nanopositioning Electronics

nPoint provides a variety of controllers and piezo drivers for operation of our nanopositioning stages in closed-loop or open-loop mode.