Laser 2000 GmbH and Ab Kimmy Photonics Oy has entered an agent agreement to supply products and systems in the Nordic region covering the products defined on the website and/or We provide an extensive range of cameras and camera solutions for equally wide application ranges to meet the demand of users today. Below you will find our offering for your particular needs and demands.

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Teraherz imaging technology

These cameras operates at frequencies (0.05 – 0.7 THz), where most common materials are transparent. The cameras are active detecting devices, and require an external THz source. The TERA-series THz imaging cameras employ the same type of detectors with identical capabilities and spatial resolution. The difference between the models lies in the number of pixels in their sensor arrays and their effective imaging area.

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CQD® SWIR Cameras

SWIR (Short Wavelength InfraRed) imagers are used in a large number of applications including silicon inspection, laser beam profiling, hyperspectral imaging, chemical and plastics sensing, machine vision imaging, agricultural sensing, surveillance systems, and medical imaging. They are also intended for use in mobile phone facial recognition sensors, and autonomous vehicle imaging though obscured environments.

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Hyperspectral Imaging

While a regular camera records three spectral channels in every pixel (red, green, and blue), hyperspectral imagers have the ability to record hundreds of spectral channels. Hyperspectral imaging is measuring a continuous reflectance spectrum in every pixel in a 2D image. As different materials have different reflectance spectra, the technique enables us to identify different…

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