Beam Profiling Cameras

DataRay manufactures three series of beam profiling cameras: WinCamD, BladeCam, and TaperCamD cameras. These CMOS and VO microbolometer-based cameras cover a broad range of different wavelengths from 190 nm to 16 μm.

Scanning Slit Beam Profilers

DataRay manufactures two types of scanning slit beam profilers: the patented BeamMap series, which offers real-time M², divergence, focus and alignment management, and the Beam’R series which provides affordable, compact, and precise beam profiling. All of our scanning slit beam profilers are available with Si, Ge, and InGaAs detectors, covering wavelengths from 190 nm to 2500 nm.

Specialized Beam Profiler Systems

In addition to beam profiling cameras and scanning slit beam profilers, DataRay offers specialized beam profiler systems. These systems offer solutions for complex applications. The large beam profiling system is suitable for beams up to 200 mm image area, and the line laser profiling system provides for direct measurement of line lasers up to 200 mm in length.s.


DataRay offers various beam profiler accessories covering beam attenuation, optics, translation stages,  UV and IR converters, and more.