If you want to get the most out of your laser – most power, most efficiency, most safety – you need to measure it. And the more accurate your measurement, the closer you can come to perfection in your laser. Let us help you with the right solution!

Laser Beam Profilers

Laser 2000 GmbH and Ab Kimmy Photonics Oy has entered an agent agreement to supply products and systems in the Nordic region covering the products defined on the website www.laser2000.se. DataRay Inc manufacture a variety of laser beam profiling solutions to bring the photonics industry high-quality, affordable, and reliable products.
The solutions include laser beam profiling cameras, scanning slit beam profilers, M² measurement systems, and specialized beam profiler systems.

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Service – Pre and after sales

Technical support is essential. We are providing both pre- and after sales services for all our solutions and instruments to complement the extensive product offering we are supplying. Repair In case a component of your product or system unexpectedly becomes defective we can provide fast and reliable repair with original spare parts, including maintenance of…

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