Rapid advancement of laser technology across a broad spectrum of applications is making laser safety more important now than ever before. New laser applications in medicine, defence, research and industry present unique safety challenges for safety and personal protection.

Eyeware – Frame styles

 Protection due to the Optical Density (OD) of the filter alone is not sufficient. It is necessary, that the stability of the Optical Density persists during the laser irradiation. This applies for the frame of the spectacle as well as for the laser safety filters (laser stability).

Eyeware – Filter types

Absorbing materials are the common standard in order to block light of a defined wavelength range from the spectrum. As basic material special optic filter glass or plastics with special absorber dyes are mostly used.

Laser Safety Windows

Mineral glass and plastic laser safety windows are one of the three key product ranges of the laservision portfolio of laser safety products.

Large Area Protection

laservision has developed a complete line of large area laser protection systems with well selected accessories.

Medical Laser Protection

Rapid advancement of medical laser technology is making laser safety more important now than ever before.