Self contained cameras

1280 x 800 pixel at up to 4000 fps, the M-PRI offers the extra speed. The state of the art CMOS sensors, offers you a bright picture even in poor lighting conditions.

Non High-G Rated High Speed Cameras

Easy to operate high speed cameras where crisp clear images are the input for motion analysis. The working horse for University, industrial research and factory floor trouble shooting.

High-G rated cameras tested by independent test lab. Ruggedness up to 150g

High-G Rated High Speed Cameras

High speed cameras for use in demanding environments such as automotive on-board crash test and sled tests. Ruggedness and reliable operation paired with excellent image quality are key factors.

EM cameras are ultimate rugged, shockproof to meet the most demanding applications

Defense and Airborne High Speed Cameras

High speed cameras with MIL 810 / MIL 461 test certification where rugged design and use under the most severe environmental conditions is a must.

AOS provide a longtime service – only one reason more to choose an AOS product!

AOS Legacy cameras

Cameras that have reached the end of production – but that doesn’t mean that they have reached the end of service and support!

Long time recording systems

PROMON USB3 High Speed Streaming
The PROMON U series are very competitive entry level high speed camera systems recording directly to PC via USB3. 

High Speed Streaming Cameras

These cameras make a high speed streaming recorder our of your laptop or desktop pc. The AOS PROMON camera are suitable for different applications, where size, cost or recording time is essential.

Promon Scope G3 camera will operate up to 1.5h with two and up to 3.5h with one camera head without recharging.

High Speed Streaming Systems

High speed longtime recording system, ready to use truly mobile systems. Its unique user interface make it a daily tool to work with The PROMON SCOPE G3 is the next generation light and compact, ready-to-use high speed image streaming system – now also with support for two cameras.