Measuring colour or light with imaging systems, spectrometers, colorimeters or light meters can be useful in many different applications. We offer a broad range of test and measurement instruments focused on these parameters for all environments.

Imaging colorimeters / spectrometers

The ultimate imaging colorimeter with an integrated NIST-traceable calibrated spectrophotometer [380-780nm] and a fast sampling light meter.


Two series are available, one flexible high-end spectral measurement solution and one compact high-end, small and robust package stuffed with measurement power.


Find out more about the ultimate high speed XYZ and user-friendly colorimeter for in-line colour measurement applications such as display production.


The Cronus is world’s first spectro-colorimeter combining a VIS spectrophotometer with a tri-stimulus colorimeter.


High-speed light meters suited for bsolute luminance or illuminance & luminous intensity measurement according to the human eye. All flicker measurement standards supported for display: Contrast, JEITA, VESA

Light sources

Steropes LED light source, which is a stable, accurate light source controlled by a built-in colorimeter and Steropes Halogen light source, which is a stable, accurate light source controlled by a current stabilisation circuit.


A wide range of sampling and measurement accessories is available. The Medusa smart device controller platform is designed to operate multiple Admesy devices