Polytec Laser Doppler Vibrometers are indispensable tools to optimize parts and goods and to investigate natural dynamic processes. Originally developed to characterize man-made products, technology and systems, non-contact laser-Doppler vibrometry is also exploring measurements that unravel the mysteries of biological structures.


Single-point vibrometers

Single-point laser Doppler vibrometers measure transfer functions, amplitudes and resonance frequencies without contact in a non-intrusive way thanks to the simple “point and shoot” principle. Single-point vibrometers measure object vibrations in the direction of the laser beam (out-of-plane motions). From modular concepts to robust industrial vibrometers or compact designs – Polytec will always provide you with the ideal measuerement tool to solve your individual vibration measurement task.

Full-field vibrometers

Full-field vibrometer models allow users to perform areal deflection shape measurements that are used to validate simulation models and identify vibration hotspots. They keep the focus firmly on complex vibration behaviour over the entire surface. Polytec’s product range includes everything from scanning vibrometers for stationary processes to multipoint vibrometers (that measure in parallel) for non-stationary and transient processes.

Microscope-based vibrometers

Inspired by the rapid further development of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), Polytec presents this highly innovative line of microscope-based measurement instruments for the reliable and most accurate analysis and validation of microsystems’ dynamics and topography.

Special-application vibrometers

If you’ve got special requirements, then you need special tools. No matter whether you’re carrying out measurement for ultrasonic applications in the very high frequency range, or need rotational vibrometers for rotating structures, or in-plane vibrometers for measuring vibrations perpendicular to the measurement beam – you’ll find the perfect solution at Polytec.


Data acquisition, visualization and evaluation form the very essence of Polytec’s high-tech vibration measurement tools. And for this very purpose, Polytec is offering you high-performance software packages for device control, data acquisition and data processing that enable users to represent their measuring results in an intuitive and animated way and to exchange data with external software for the purpose of experimental modal analysis or FEM calculation, for example.


Every application has its own measurement challenge. Here, the application-oriented setup and accessories make the difference, making metrology become a complete solution. For Polytec designers and engineers, comfort and flexibility are values with high priority, to make your Polytec vibromters work in any situation you need.e.