Temperature fluctuations between 18 °C and 28 °C have no influence on the performance, mitigating concerns about misalignment over time and operating environment thus providing sustained 24/7 performance.

The lasers are designed to fit any multi-photon imaging system and are perfectly matched for 2P/SHG/THG-imaging.

Both single and dual wavelength outputs are available for our laser devices. there is also the additional option of a second fixed or tunable wavelength which allows every user to choose

Due to the air-cooled design, our lasers have a short warm-up time and can be put into operation anywhere – completely independent of the equipment and lab environment on site.

The compact design makes it easy to use the laser for almost any workspace. The small unit controller can be easily concealed away from the rest of the experiment. The laser head is free and flexible to conveniently fit almost anywhere in the setup.

The laser is shipped fully assembled and according to your specifications. No need to install, tune or setup with a technician.