Full-field vibrometers keep the focus firmly on complex vibration behaviour over the entire surface and work contactlessly according to the laser Doppler principle.

PSV-500 Scanning Vibrometer

With the PSV Scanning Vibrometer, you reliably and precisely measure vibrations in research and product development. 

PSV-3D Scanning Vibrometers

Polytec 3D Scanning Vibrometers (PSV-3D) complete your vibration measurement tasks in research and product development in a reliable and precise way.

MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer

With the laser-based MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer from Polytec, you can carry out time-synchronous measurements with up to 48 channels and represent both frequency-dependent and time-dependent deflection shapes.

The RoboVib® Structural Test Station

The RoboVib® Structural Test Station combines a 3D Scanning Vibrometer with an industrial robot – to create a productive vibration analysis solution.