QTec® is a new laser vibrometry invention eliminating the root cause of noise delivering superior optical sensitivity, enabling high-fidelity measurements on all surfaces.


The new, patented and highly innovative technology QTec® from Polytec significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). QTec® resolves even the finest details in the measurement signal, facilitating a straightforward post-processing. QTec® improves the results in almost any measurement and is particularly beneficial for engineered surfaces that move laterally or rotate. The average count can be drastically reduced to achieve the same SNR and measures are independent of the surface properties. 

The QTec technology is now available within the Scanning Vibrometers (1D & 3D) and the VibroFlex families of laser vibrometers granting high-fidelity measurements on all surfaces.

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QTec®  Multi-path interferometry eliminates noise