The MPX-series is the world‘s first truly turn-key multimodal multi-photon microscope. Its modern and highly integrated design allows every user to begin imaging within minutes. There is no hassle with optical  alignment, software installation or other time-consuming steps faced with operating other units.

Multi-photon microscopy
Widefield microscopy
Higher Harmonic Generation microscopy
Fluorescence Lifetime microscopy

The user can freely choose between the built-in modalities (1P, 2P and brightfield) to image their samples with a broad spectrum of corresponding modalities. The options are limitless. They can then easily overlay/correlate images and process the multidimensional/multimodal data with the powerful software.

Currently, there are the possibilities to image in widefield fluorescence, two-photon fluorescence and brightfield modality without changing the device.

The tight integration of the required light engines including a femtosecond laser, 8-channel CW light engine, white light source together with the corresponding detection modules and beam handling optics, allows an entirely new way of implementing and using a multi modal microscope.

Our goal is it to address multiple areas of interests in the field of life science, clinical research and diagnostics with only one device of flexibility and multimodality. Applications to consider area:

Label-free imaging

Digital pathology

Whole slide imaging (WSI)

Deep tissue imaging

3D imaging

Imaging of fresh biopsies

Life cell imaging

Organoid imaging


Live animal imaging

Whole animal imaging

Calcium monitoring

Immunohistochemistry (IHC),

Immunocytochemistry (ICC)

Other labelling techniques

Multi-photon microscope
Multi-photon microscope
Advanced Multi-Photon Microscopy