The VibroGo Education Kit, as successor of the PDV-100 Education Kit, is a completely revised and promising marketing instrument. We want to offer the possibility for universities, colleges, schools and educational institutions with the latest state of the art industry technology. The aim is to teach Polytec vibrometry with ease through exciting experiments and a tutorial. Through simplicity, reliability and high quality standards we want to inspire and win this clientele as future customers.

VibroGo Education Kit includes:

VibroGo laser vibrometer, power supply, Ethernet cable, BNC cable, trigger cable

Educational kit comprising of junction box, loudspeakers, Vibsoft& DeskSoft software, tutorial with solution sheet, retro-reflective tape, BNC cables, various adapters, mountinf wax, cantilever beam test & various plates

The new VibroGo Education Kit is now available!