Searching for possible sources of acoustic problems of your products or processes may be lengthy and cumbersome. As a product developer, manufacturing engineer, maintenance technician or consulting engineer you would benefit from Seven Bel`s Sound Scanners and make disturbing sound sources visible. Fast, simple and effective.

Results in 3 minutes

No other measurement system delivers acoustic images this fast and efficiently. You can set up the measurement system in less than 3 minutes, conduct the measurement of your use case and immediately receive dependable results for further analysis.

Anytime – anywhere

Due to the ultra-compact and light construction you are entirely independent in terms of location. Seven Bel‘s high performance measurement system works with an Android mobile phone and cloud infrastructure in the background. Notebooks, power supply units or recorders that are usually required are no longer necessary

Extraordinary image quality

Distributed microphones based on state-of-the-art semiconductor technology scan the acoustic field on an area of a disc and produce acoustic images with superior image quality and a high level of information. This facilitates the correct interpretation of the measured data for the user and leads to solutions that can be implemented quickly.

Intuitive handling

Benefit from a massively simplified workflow to measure and analyze your sound events. Share your results with your colleagues, partners or clients in the form of automatically generated reports.

SCAN DIAMETER12cm50cm132cm254cm
FREQUENCY RANGE2.8kHz – 44kHz700Hz – 10.5kHz250Hz – 6.1kHz125Hz – 4kHz
TYPICAL APPLICATIONSGas leaks, partial discharge, leakages in cabins/containersBuzz-squeak-rattle (BSR), measurements in confined spacesBuilding Acoustics, Engine / Drivetrain, White goodsEnvironmental noise,
large room acoustics
Models available
Effective sound imaging